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Get involved with the Inver Reds 7 Aug, 2016

VOLUNTEERS are not only vital to the success of Larne Football Club, but to the very existence of the club.


Currently a small number of people give up their free time to ensure that every aspect of the club is run as smoothly and as professionally as possible. Whilst promotion to the Premiership is the club's ultimate objective, progress needs to be made on and off the pitch.


David McAlinden is working tirelessly to secure that progress on the pitch, but Larne Football Club needs your help to grow the club off the pitch and turn the club into a genuine Premiership outfit.


Larne Football Club has identified a number of volunteer roles, which require a variety of skills. Not everyone can give up hours of their free time, but even if you can only assist from time to time, your help will be valued and appreciated. Most roles can be operated on a rota basis, so you may only be required to help a few times per season.


The more people get involved with helping the club, the better the chance of seeing the kind of tangible success we all want to see at Inver Park. When we work together we can achieve our ambitions.


The available roles are:


Turnstile & Main Gate Operators

- Required for all home games, and particular matches where multiple turnstiles are open

- Basic money handling, with a cash float provided

- Required from half an hour before kick off until 20 minutes into the match

- You will not be required every week, the role will operate on a rota basis where operators will only be required once or twice a season

- This season the main gate at the entrance to the Inver Park forecourt will be closed from 20 minutes into the match until after the start of the second half. We require someone to operate this gate and charge late comers coming into the ground.



- We are seeking to increase our pool of qualified stewards

- Full training will be provided

- Stewards will be required on a rota basis and additional stewards will be required for higher profile matches

- This will be a particularly important role should the club gain promotion to the Premiership


Bar staff

- We require some additional staff who would be prepared to assist during half time at home games, particularly for higher profile matches.

- Again we would hope to arrange this on a rota basis

- You would be required to help for around 20 minutes around half time

- Basic training provided

- With more help at the bar, the bar will run more smoothly for supporters and the club can potentially generate more income.


Ground Maintenance

- We are looking for people who would be willing to assist in helping to keep Inver Park well maintained throughout the season.

- Duties would include lifting litter from the terraces and stands, painting walls around the ground, weed killing, repairs and maintenance to the pitch and pitch marking, general repairs and maintenance

- This is an entirely flexible role and the work can be carried out whenever you are available.

- We want to make Inver Park a comfortable and welcoming venue for our players, officials and supporters.


Ball boys

- We require a number of ball boys who will retrieve any match balls which are kicked off the pitch.

- The club loses a large number of match balls, and this remains a major expense for the club.


How to get involved

Simply contact any board member on a matchday or send a message via Larne Football Club's Facebook or Twitter.